The rain stops (for a while)

The sun finally came out Sunday afternoon and we had cocktails on the terrace. Also, as promised, a picture of Ellie, Cathy and the Eiffel tower.


Today we visited parc montsouris and the rue d’alesia, looking for bargains. Didn’t buy anything but had a nice time. Now off to l’atelier du parc for dinner. Ellie will take a nap while we are gone.

Cathy has arrived

Ellie is mad for our friend Cathy who arrived last night. She slept very happily between us.


Today, we went to the marche on convention after stopping for cafe and croissants.


Then we went to lunch at a cafe by the parc Georges Brassens. Not only were they happy to allow Ellie to join us, but they brought her dog cookies. She liked those but preferred Evelyn’s carpaccio. Bon.


To market

It is only 11 am and we have been busy. Cafe and croissant–Ellie loves them. (who doesn’t?). The tramway to the puces de vanves. Like a giant garage sale–my advice: not worth a special trip. On the way back home, stopped at the open market on the boulevard lefebvre. Very nice selection of fruits, vegetables, fresh fish from Normandy, and a charcuterie with some great looking cooked foods. (pâté, quiches, sausages, etc. ). Here are some of our purchases.

Lunch from the market: quiche, pâté, celeri remoulade

And from a patisserie–my favorite religieuse



Ellie dans le metro

Great adventures today but sorry to report I left my iPad at home, so no pictures.

Ellie took the metro to sevres-babylone. We walked to the rue du dragon (thanks Alexandra) where Evelyn found a beautiful silk tunic on sale and Ellie was much admired. She met several wire-haired dachshunds who were much taken with their American cousin.

We walked around st. Germain des pres and then had a fabulous lunch at brasserie Lutetia. I’m not sure they would have seated me if I hadn’t had Ellie with me! She is so chic. The appetizer of composed salad fortunately had ingredients ellie enjoyed–duck and cheese. She sat quietly in her case while I fed her morsels and was given attention by the wait staff and other patrons. our entree was duck (again) with a fabulous purée of celery root and hazelnuts. Ellie mostly stayed with the duck. I have learned that there are no doggy bags in France. We only managed to finish the breast and still had the leg, but when I asked if it could be wrapped up, they said no. The 1/2 bottle of Sancerre red (I didn’t even know it came in red) eased the insult.

No matter–on to le Bon marche. Checked out longchamp bag for Kathy but they didn’t have it in black large. Then to the epicerie where we picked up goodies for dinner. Will photograph and post.

Back on le metro and to Porte de Versailles. Ellie and I are both knackered.

We made it

No problems on the plane. The flight crew were all dog lovers. They asked me if Ellie wanted her own serving of yogurt, since she was sharing mine.


No issues at Orly. No one asked us for anything. Here is Ellie on the terrace. The Eiffel tower is behind her but you can’t see it in this picture. Will redo tomorrow. Ellie had her first meal in France–Greek food!