Back in the US of A

One final hurdle before we left France: British Airways had no record of Ellie’s reservation and wouldn’t let her on the plane until I could prove that I had booked a round trip. They said they couldn’t find my outgoing reservation, and I had thrown away the paperwork. I sat in Orly for an hour as one BA official after another said there was nothing they could do. And then inspiration struck: I found the original email from BA confirming both flights on my ipad. Yay, electronics. Problem solved.

Landed at JFK around 7 NY time and finally got in around 9 or 3 am Paris time. Crashed, then woke around 3:30 am in NY. Boy is NY deserted at that hour but the 24 hour Korean deli was open.

I haven’t written much about the last 3 days in Paris and too tired to do so now. You’ll just have to wait for the face-to-face account.

So, a bientot to France for the moment. Mais nous retournerions bientot.

Le marais

Another beautiful day in Paris. I don’t ever remember 3 days in a row of cloudless skies and temps in the 60s. We walked around the Marais today and had lunch in a restaurant that Cathy and I had visited several years ago. Lamb chops (for me) and shrimp (for Ginny) cooked over an open fire. And a lamb chop bone for Ellie. Happy days.



All around Paris

We started the day at our outdoor market, where we bought wonderful fixings for dinner–salad, roast chicken, cheeses, bread, etc. then we met a friend of Ginny’s (Laurence) for lunch near her workplace on the av des Gobelins in the 13 th. After, Ginny and I walked up the rue Monge to the Latin quarter (photo of me rubbing Montaigne’s foot). Ginny went to musee Cluny while Ellie and I had a coffee. We were on the bus going home when Abby called. They had just arrived in Paris. It happened that our bus was going by their hotel at the gare de Lyon so we got off and met Abby for drinks. Now, totally exhausted, we will make our salad and (I hope) have a quiet evening.




Really in Paris

So without photos, I could be anywhere. Ginny arrived yesterday and as it was a holiday, and raining, we stayed close to home. Today we went to the Musėe d’Orsay where we were able to skip the line, due to the kindness of Virginie and Fred, whom we will see tonight. Below is proof that I really am in Paris.