Medical update

I am back in New York so theoretically this blog is on pause. But I wanted to let everyone know that I saw a surgeon today and the news is good. 

The US doc told me The French doc had done a fine job. I do need more physical therapy, as expected, and I am still having discomfort. But the US doc said it can take 6-9 months until things resolve and he can do a small procedure to move the nerves (!) if I need it. Anyway I am thrilled that I need no more surgery. 


We finally dragged ourselves off the terrace where we eat olives and drink rose. 

pope’s palace avignon

Ian at the Pont du Gard

Van Gogh 

So I’ve been off the grid for a while. No wifi at the house in St. Rémy de Provence, which is just as gorgeous as everyone says. We arrived Saturday and have pretty much done nothing but eat excellent meals, drink rose and nap on the chaise longue.  We did get to Avignon on Sunday but haven’t gotten to the pope’s palace yet. 

Today we took a tour of the monastery/asylum where Van Gogh spent nearly a year shortly before his death. It is actually quite lovely and if I were to be committed, this is where I’d want to go. There are still patients living here and one of them got quite excited about Ellie, who herself seemed to enjoy the painting in Van Gogh’s bedroom.