Sunday in Nice

Michael wanted more food photos, so voila–lunch on the beach. 

After lunch, my English friend Pat and I went to a pops concert in a bandshell across from the beach. The music consisted of Rossini (he did a version of Cendrillon? Who knew?), Michel Legrand and some other warhorses. It was a pleasant way to digest lunch. 

Above Nice

For the first time, I visited the hill where the old chateau was situated (it was destroyed by Louis XIV in the 17th century and is now a park). Beautiful views of Nice, seen from above. 

The port

View of the promenade and beaches

L’église anglicane 

So here’s something I’ve never done before–to the attention particularly of Michael. Last week I met an Englishman who was crazy about Ellie. (He had owned dachshunds. Or rather, dachshunds had owned him.) He is an opera singer and invited me to come hear him at the regular Sunday mass at the Anglican Church around the corner from me. I asked if I could bring Ellie and he said “of course.” So we went. 

I had never been to an Anglican service and found it fairly innocuous compared to other Catholic and Protestant services I’ve attended. This being the Sunday after Ascension, the sermon was about how Christianity has used images of Christ ascending to concretize the relation between Earth and Heaven. Amusingly, the priest began by saying he had been at the reception for Charles and Camilla earlier this week, whose visit was the talk of Nice. He then segued into photo taking and how we use imagery to explain our world. Of course, the sermon and the entire service were in British English. So much more melodious than our American voices. 

Later I visited with a new friend, Isabelle. We had a very interesting conversation about politics, in which our president was never mentioned. Vive la France.