Berlin 1

Arrived in Berlin on Friday and was joined by my French friend Dominique. Perfect–travel to Germany to improve my French!

Today we took a bus and boat tour around the city. Saw the main tourist sites–Reichstag building, museum island, Checkpoint Charlie. The high point for me was the department store Kadewe, which has an entire floor devoted to food. We bought several specialties of my youth (roulade, stuffed cabbage). It was a museum of food.

Checkpoint Charlie

Birthday in 3 Languages

Thanks all for your birthday wishes. For those of you who didn’t send any–where were you? Happily, it was a fun birthday with much wine and merriment. 

My friends Noel and Francoise drove me first to Eze, where we had drinks on the terrace of the Chèvre d’Or (the golden goat) a renowned michelin starred restaurant. I had a negruski, which is a Negroni (vermouth, Campari and gin) with vodka instead of gin. Very potent. I was wearing a new dress with old pearls. 

From Eze, we drove into Italy to a restaurant I had really loved in Ventimiglia. The dinner was good, if not up to previous standards, but the wine was outstanding. I’d never heard of Dolceaqua but it was so good we decided to order another bottle. And Francoise was not drinking! So Noel and I polished it off and it was all I could do to prevent our singing in the street. 

Francoise is French, Noel is Irish and we spoke a mix of French and English. Plus Italian, as the restaurant did not translate the menu. So of course we didn’t realize that the scallops were raw and marinated in beet juice. Weird. 
Finally got home around 12:30 and today was somewhat of a wipeout, except for a nice lunch with Marie and my mosaic class.