Lake Annecy

Good question, Michael. We are in the region called Savoie, which was once controlled by the Dukes of Savoia. The predominant ingredient is cheese and we had a great lunch yesterday with duck rillettes in a cheesy risotto. The local white wine is quite nice, the red is meh. But most importantly, we are in France where pizza delivery includes wine delivery. Really. Yesterday being a Sunday, none of the stores were open and there was no wine in the house. Light bulb moment–order a pizza and a bottle of wine for delivery. 

Today we went upscale to a 2 Michelin starred restaurant in Talloire, on the lake. The view was breathtaking, the food good but not exceptionally so. I had a vegetable fricassee with langoustines followed by a saddle of lamb. Libby had a veal en croute and local pike. 

1 thought on “Lake Annecy

  1. I don’t even know what a saddle of lamb is. Lol. I do not have your sophisticated pallet. Ellie looks so adorable!. I am sure she enjoyed any saddle leftovers.

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