St. Paul de Vence

My last vacation of the summer has taken me about 20 miles from Nice into the foothills of the Alps. It is still unconscionably hot–the third hottest summer on record–so I played lizard today and moved as little as possible, except in the pool. Yes, I have rented a charming apartment in a grand villa where I share the pool only with another couple. No air conditioning but it is paradise nonetheless.  For Ellie as well. 

5 thoughts on “St. Paul de Vence

  1. To roll out of bed and plunge into the pool must feel like heaven ! Did you rent a car or are you able to manage without one ? Here it is very humid with a lot of rain sometimes. This morning we went to the Whitney and we had to jump around big puddles from last night, I guess. I joined the gym, Clay and they have all kinds of services. So far I am enjoying it. Keep cool.

    • Having a pool makes up for lack of air conditioning. Yes I rented a car. This morning I drove into Cagnes sur Mer for the monthly Italian market. Fresh made porchetta and a Nebbiolo for dinner. Yum mm.

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