Seville day 2

Got a bit closer to the real life of Seville today. In the morning, Libby and I went to the covered market in Triana, which is sort of the Williamsburg of Seville–on the other side of the river, a former working class neighborhood that’s now become hip. It used to be a center for tile factories and there are still many shops that sell brilliantly colored Seville tiles.

After a light lunch and a siesta, we went to a flamenco performance at the museum of flamenco. Unfortunately, no photographs were permitted. But it was very entertaining.

Finally, we met up with a woman I met online who lives in Seville. She took us to several of her favorite tapas places. In the first we had a wine spritzer with shrimps in garlic with ham. Yummm. Then we went to another place, where we sampled a foie gras with pineapples and a pastry stuffed with cream cheese (yes, Philadelphia!) and langoustines. And a sangria that was like a grown up sundae with fruit and gin. Needless to note, I am somewhat the worse for wear.

Seville day 1

Seville is full of surprises. This morning a woman was practicing flamenco in the square by my hotel. Unfortunately I didn’t have my phone/camera. But I did last night when Libby and I got back from dinner around 9:30 and there was a huge crowd in the square. Turns out to be some sort of belated Semana Santa celebration. Very cool.

This morning Libby and I went to the Alcázar where we had booked a tour of the royal residence. No photos allowed but here is the entrance to the grounds.

After a great tapas lunch, I limped back to the hotel while Libby went to see the cathedral–the third largest in Europe after St. Peter’s in Rome and St. Paul’s in London.