Da Vinci Day

So I actually came to Paris to see the da Vinci exhibit at the Louvre. Unfortunately, it was mobbed. Even though they sold timed tickets and I picked noon, thinking the French would all be at lunch. I didn’t consider the Italians, the Americans, the Spanish, et al. So after waiting half an hour in line to get in, I got through the exhibit in 45 minutes. Not that I didn’t want to spend more time. Just that I could barely see over the heads of the crowd.

I did appreciate a few works, below.

La Belle Ferroniere

St. John the Baptist giving us the finger

And of course, Vitruvian man, which the Italians sued to keep from being exhibited. The compromise was that the Louvre could have it for just 6 weeks.

And for a laugh, Vitruvian dachshund (not in the exhibit)

Paris day 3: culture

So after my pig out yesterday, today was more cultural. Paris and New York are both attractive to me as places to see things I cannot see anywhere else.

Today I went with my NY friend, Brigitte, who also lives in Paris, to the Fondation Louis Vuitton in the Bois de Boulogne. It is a Frank Gehry museum (what isn’t) designed around the collection of Bernard Arnault, owner of the conglomerate. And who did we see at lunch in the restaurant–called Frank, after Gehry–but Bernard Arnault! I did not take a picture of him but here is Brigitte and our lunch.

The entire museum was devoted to designer Charlotte Perriand, who is best known for her work with Le Corbusier, but who also had a fascinating career on 3 continents. Here are some not very good photos of her work.


The museum itself is quite striking.