Update on Renovations

I’ve been quiet for a while but work is proceeding apace. The new pipes have been laid, the electrical connections rewired, and concrete laid over all the floors (where the new pipes and connections reside). We are now at the plastering stage and it’s looking good. Here are before and after photos of the kitchen.

Kitchen before
Kitchen today

I may have made a mistake with the bathroom. I had decided I wanted both a bathtub and a shower. As I’m getting older, I thought having a walk-in shower would be a good idea long-term. But I love having baths. We’ve squeezed them both in, but it looks ungainly. I hope once the tile is in place it will look better.

On other matters, not to gloat, but the beach was full of sunbathers today.

And here is a short video of starlings who apparently swoop en masse here around sunset on their way to Africa. A bit Hitchcock-like, don’t you think?

6 thoughts on “Update on Renovations

  1. Can’t see the starlings on my phone. Will check again on computer. But your renovations are really moving along – yay! I bet you’ll still be glad to have both bath 🧼 and 🚿 shower!

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