A Blank Canvas

All is ready for me to move in except furniture—and a kitchen
(the box in the corner of the living room is the modem for the WiFi)

So, true to his word, Tarek and his team have finished in time for Christmas. Of course, that just means my work has begun.

First up, this week: the washer and dryer are due to be delivered tomorrow, as is the technician to connect the WiFi. Tuesday my bed and my sofa are to be delivered. Thursday the housekeeper is coming to make a start on the cleaning. If all goes well, I may be able to start sleeping in my own apartment by next weekend. So excited to use my new toilet!


Abby asked to see the layout. Here is the floor plan. I don’t know why I didn’t think to post this before.

Placard 4 in the kitchen is now gone and will be a breakfast nook. Placard 2 is actually entered from the terrace and is the laundry room.

Home before Christmas

As Tarek promised, the renovations will be done next week and I will be able to move in before Christmas. I won’t have a kitchen until sometime in January, unfortunately. But I’ve borrowed a refrigerator, have my microwave and can use the bathroom sink for water. So it may be more like camping than settling in, but I will be in my own home.

And the bathroom has turned out really great. I will finally be able to take a bath. And I have my new fancy Japanese-style toilet which I will have to figure out how to use.

Today I bought a washing machine and dryer. Did I mention that I have a little, separate laundry room? What a luxury.

Next week they will finish the floors and the following week the WiFi will be installed. I’m not sure when the bed will arrive. So Xmas may be aspirational but I still have my rental until January 8.

So merry Christmas to all and to all a happy homecoming.

The Verdict

So here is the bathroom with the tile laid. The shower still lacks its glass enclosure, but I am quite happy with the way the layout looks.

And here are the niches, painted in my preferred color—rosy taupe. I think it came out great.

Bedroom niche
Living room niche

There will be a rosy gray sofa in the niche in the living room, along with elegant Art Deco sconces. And my Art Deco mirror from my apartment in New York, if I can figure out how to get it here.

New York mirror courtesy of Gail