Home before Christmas

As Tarek promised, the renovations will be done next week and I will be able to move in before Christmas. I won’t have a kitchen until sometime in January, unfortunately. But I’ve borrowed a refrigerator, have my microwave and can use the bathroom sink for water. So it may be more like camping than settling in, but I will be in my own home.

And the bathroom has turned out really great. I will finally be able to take a bath. And I have my new fancy Japanese-style toilet which I will have to figure out how to use.

Today I bought a washing machine and dryer. Did I mention that I have a little, separate laundry room? What a luxury.

Next week they will finish the floors and the following week the WiFi will be installed. I’m not sure when the bed will arrive. So Xmas may be aspirational but I still have my rental until January 8.

So merry Christmas to all and to all a happy homecoming.

8 thoughts on “Home before Christmas

  1. The renovation was done quickly and well done. You are good at it. Is your Japanese toilet a Toto ?My son and family are crazy about their Toto. Hope your bed is delivered real soon, The rest will come gradually. Is your kitchen coming from Italy ? Hope to talk to you soon. Brigitte

      • Actually it’s not a Toto but a generic version manufactured by Geberit, which I think is a German company. Same functionality but considerably less expensive. I haven’t tried it yet but I’ll let you know when I do.

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