A Sign?

This was posted at the bus stop on my corner today. Is it trying to tell me something?

The headline: New York misses you too.

And the Promenade in lights. We have a 6 pm curfew so everything is deserted at night. I have to fill out a special form to walk the dog.

My New Kitchen, part 1

Did I mention that the kitchen came with all appliances? Did I mention that all the instruction manuals are in Italian?

It doesn’t matter. Even having found online manuals in English I can’t understand a word. My stovetop is smarter than I am and is teaching me how to cook.

I was planning to make onion soup. Is this gentle fry or heavy fry? I guess we will find out.

I Have a Kitchen (Kind of)

So the Italians came today and installed my kitchen. It looks terrific.

I kept my old microwave which is also an oven and a broiler. The space allotted for it is too small for it so it will sit on my counter until it dies or I’m sick of it.
The other side of the kitchen. Nothing but counter space. The light is a reflection from the LED under the cabinet.

Why “kind of”? Well, they declined to install the faucet or the plumbing, so I am still minus a sink and dishwasher. But I don’t care. I have discovered that the fridge is the key element of a kitchen. Now that I have that—and a stove top—I am happy for the moment. I will continue washing my dishes in the bathroom sink.

A Shambles

This is a new word for my French friends and perfectly describes the state of my apartment. I moved in on Sunday, with Tarek’s help, but for the moment it feels more like camping out than moving in.

Leftover construction material mixed with my coffee/wine bar/dining table, my pantry (tiered plastic shelves) and my cleaning supply area.
My “refrigerator”. Happily it’s been in the high 30s so my yogurt has not spoiled.
Bedroom still life with laundry basket

The worst is that we have a 6 pm curfew, which means all shops must close then. Yesterday I had my first delivery—-of pretty good Chinese food—though it took an hour to arrive.

I am enjoying some of the particularities of the building. The elevator, for example, is vintage. I expect Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant to step off.

It’s been cold and rainy for the past week. But at least we don’t have to worry about this.