I Have a Kitchen (Kind of)

So the Italians came today and installed my kitchen. It looks terrific.

I kept my old microwave which is also an oven and a broiler. The space allotted for it is too small for it so it will sit on my counter until it dies or I’m sick of it.
The other side of the kitchen. Nothing but counter space. The light is a reflection from the LED under the cabinet.

Why “kind of”? Well, they declined to install the faucet or the plumbing, so I am still minus a sink and dishwasher. But I don’t care. I have discovered that the fridge is the key element of a kitchen. Now that I have that—and a stove top—I am happy for the moment. I will continue washing my dishes in the bathroom sink.

5 thoughts on “I Have a Kitchen (Kind of)

  1. The Italians are punctual. Now you have to get hold of the plumber. Soon it will be finished. Best and congratulations, Brigitte

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