About Ellie 

Ellie is a long-haired dachshund who likes Camembert, gigot d’agneau, and MacDonalds French fries. She was born in 2007 in West Virginia and came to live with Evelyn at 10 weeks old. She took her first airplane trip on that occasion and has traveled widely, both in the US and in Europe. She currently lives in Nice. 

1 thought on “About Ellie 

  1. Hi Evelyn! I wanted to follow-up from an earlier reply I dropped on your blog. To say that I’d love to get in touch as I’m thinking to retire in Nice. Your blog tells me you’d be a great resource, would truly appreciate. I’ve lived in Boston for decades, still employed with the Federal Aviation Administration as an aerospace engineer (not a political job!). I’m sending you this link about me to show that I’m to be trusted. Thanks so much and wish you the best, Dorina
    My email is dorina707@yahoo.com or you may use my business email dorina.mihail@faa.gov

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